Scissor Lifts

What is A Scissor Lift

A scissor lift is a hydraulic platform used in industries and construction to elevate workers and materials vertically. These lifts operate with a crisscross mechanism resembling scissors the name “scissor lift.”

Mainly utilized for tasks like maintenance, installation, and repairs at varying heights scissor lifts provide a platform. They are available in sizes and configurations to suit various weight capacities and reach needs.

The design of a scissor lift involves interconnected folding supports that extend as the platform moves up vertically. This unique structure allows for compact storage height while offering extension when raised. Throughout its movement, the platform remains level to ensure safety and stability, for operators.

Key Features of a Scissor Lift

  • Maneuverability: When it comes to maneuverability certain models are designed to navigate spaces effortlessly while others excel in rough terrains for outdoor tasks.
  • Safety: Safety is a priority with safety railings emergency stop buttons and overload protection systems in place to keep operators safe.
  • Efficiency: By providing access, to elevated areas these lifts help cut down on the use of scaffolding and boost efficiency at work sites.
  • Driveability: Scissor lifts are equipped with controls to not only raise and lower the working platform, but to drive it as well. They have an incredibly tight turning radius to maximize maneuverability.
  • Ease-of-Use: Even a novice can quickly learn how to work a typical scissor lift. The controls are intuitive and make use of an ergonomic joystick, and clear information on the control panels provides the operator with essential information. Whether experienced or new to scissor lifts though, safety should always be front of mind!

Indoor vs. Outdoor Scissor Lifts

Indoor Scissor Lifts; When it comes to scissor lifts they are specifically designed for use in controlled settings like warehouses, manufacturing plants, and commercial spaces. These lifts are usually powered by electricity. Come with tires that won’t leave marks on the floor to prevent any damage. Their focus is on movement and operating quietly which makes them perfect for tasks that require vertical access, in tight areas. Compared to models indoor scissor lifts often have lower weight capacities and lifting heights.

Outdoor Scissor Lifts; On the hand outdoor scissor lifts are made to endure tough weather conditions and rough terrains commonly found on construction sites, outdoor events and maintenance projects. They can be powered by diesel engines or hybrid systems for performance outdoors. With tires and a rugged build outdoor scissor lifts offer stability and reliability on uneven surfaces. These lifts provide weight capacities and lifting heights to handle challenging outdoor tasks effectively.

Sizes of Scissor Lifts

There are many different sizes of scissor lifts available in the market. If we just look at SkyJack’s website, nine different sizes of indoor scissor lifts, and seven for outdoors. These have working platforms that range from 14 to 64 feet offering a wide range of options. Likewise you can find many sizes from other manufacturers such as Genie, JLG, Zoom Lion, and many others. At Edmonton EZ Rentals, we work with the SkyJack product line given the incredibly high-quality products they build, their ease-of-use, and the fact that they are built right here in Canada!

SkyJack ModelPlatform HeightWeight Capacity# People
SJ301414′530 lbs2
SJ321515′600 lbs2
SJ321919′500 lbs2
SJ322020′600 lbs2
SJ322626′500 lbs2
SJ472626′1000 lbs3
SJ473232′700 lbs2
SJ474040′770 lbs3
Heights available, just from SkyJack’s Indoor Scissor Lifts lineup.